Children with autism or other special needs are also known to wander and may be non-verbal. When they do leave, emergency services may become involved. Many Autistic children have difficulty in social settings, not having the ability to reach out and ask another for help, which compounds the problem even more. However, there is one piece of technology now available called a GPS Watch Phone that is resulting in less stress and more oversight for parents with special needs kids. Within a matter of minutes they can be safely located without the involvement of emergency services.

GPS monitoring watches are devices that use satellite information to pinpoint location and GSM cellular technology to transfer that locational data, allowing a parent to find where their child is at in real-time. The concerned parent can access the location of the child in a blink of an eye, by accessing the online service mapping program. This online interface is accessible through a tablet, personal computer or cellular phone, and can be accessed by multiple users at the same time. Another great feature of the GPS Watch Phone is the ability to receive an SMS text message from parents cellular devices, and in response, the GPS Watch Phone will automatically send GPS coordinates to parents cellular device.

The GPS Watch Phone also comes with other features that include:

  • SOS Button to be immediately notified if your child needs help. If the first pre-set number does not answer the device will automatically call the second pre-set number and send GPS location via text message.
  • 2 way voice communication to speak to your child
  • Battery level Indicator
  • Receive Incoming and Make Outgoing Calls
  • Parents/guardians can set Geo-fence (safe zones) boundaries around their home, school, or the park. Parent will get an instant ┬ánotification to their cell phones as soon as their child steps out of the set way-points (safe zones) with the GPS Watch Phone.

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